Devil's Island Curry Courgette and Onion Soup

Almost Instant Courgette & Onion Soup       Serves 4
1.5 kg courgettes, top, tail and coarsely chop
400g onions, sliced in half then quartered
2 tablespoons Bittersweet Devil’s Island Curry Blend
4 cups stock (can be any sort except beef or fish)
Sour cream or cream for garnish, if desired
     Put courgettes and onions in large, heavy soup pot with lid and sprinkle with Curry Blend. Pour in stock, stir a bit and cover. Bring to boil and simmer approximately 15 minutes until soft. Cool slightly then puree well in blender.  Serve hot or cold with dollop of sour cream or cream, if desired. Freezes well.
**Variation: To stretch servings mix with any tinned or dried cream-style soup. Follow manufacturer's directions and just add any amount of this soup to the result.