Main Easy Party Fare

What's the rule on having a party????
      The rule is that everyone - even the host and/or hostess - should have FUN!!!  So keep the food light, interesting, easy to prepare and serve. Sometimes it's good to serve nibbles that are just one or two bites, don't make a mess in your hand and can be picked up by the guests themselves. Following are just a few time tested (and party tested) recipes for you to try:

  **Guacamole with Mexican Salsa Plus Blend
  **Cilantro, Red Onion and Tomato Salsa with Mexican Salsa Plus Blend
  **Beetroot and Yoghurt Dip with Dilly Dill Blend
  **Green Olive Tapenade with Italian Blend
  **Tortilla Cheese Wedges with Tandoori Twist Blend
  **Spiced Peanuts with Devil's Island Curry Blend
  **Mild Blue Cheese and Rum Spread with So Savoury Blend
  **Don't forget all our blends make great dips - just mix with your favourite dairy product!