Mexican Salsa Plus Blend

Are the uses for our Bittersweet Mexican Blend endless?  After twenty years of using these spices we see no end in sight.

Of course we say "Great Guacamole!", but we also speak in general terms. Use Bittersweet Mexican in pasta sauces, marinades, egg dishes, chicken, beef, fish, mince, tomato based dishes, stews and casseroles, or baked beans!

The jalapeno pepper used in this blend is considered a real medium range one on the Scoville hot scale, but we think it's perfect. Make a traditional red tomato salsa with our Bittersweet Mexican Blend and you can please a wide range of tastes. It will be nicely spicy, but not just hot with no flavour.  Here at Bittersweetwe believe anyone can make killer hot blends, but it takes a gifted blender to make hot/spicy and flavour sing together. Our spice blends all have one thing in common; you experience immediate, wonderful flavour and just when you think you’re safe, the heat sneaks in at the back of your throat. You probably say wow and then dive back for more. Isn't that what it's all about?