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Tarragon Herb Blend
     If herbs were royalty Tarragon would be queen. It seems to regally rein over whatever it touches. Chicken or fish aspire to heavenly heights as evidenced in the recipe for Lemon Tarragon Chicken. Most of the preparation can be done ahead of time so it is a good company dish. It just needs a pop in the oven at the right time. 

     Tarragon Herb Butter is just (plain?) wonderful. Have a pottle of it in the refrigerator to just serve with crackers as a simple nibble. Plain soup and buttered toast become soup and Tarragon Buttered Toast and your meal mates will think you cared to make something special just for them. Fry an egg in Tarragon butter, or melt some and drizzle it on fish fillets and bake (maybe add a little lemon juice and white wine and poach the fish), or use Tarragon butter to start the cheese sauce for your macaroni and cheese. You will think of many more applications.

     Tarragon is in the dill family so it will go anywhere dill goes, it just does it in a more grown up manner. Potatoes, vegetables, rice, egg, cheese dishes even pasta sauce loves tarragon.

     Don’t forget Tarragon Blend for your oil and vinegar or creamy salad dressings. Make your own dressings and you’ll save money, probably calories and also avoid some preservatives, salts and sugars.