Recipes- Looking for a Better Life in the Kitchen?

**  Has Mealtime become drudgery?

**  Is it one boring meal after another?

**  Does every member of the family seem to have a special diet, a special need, or a special taste or request? 

     This could be all too overwhelming, but not if Bittersweet Blends and our easy recipes are within hand’s reach.

     What if you could create meals that were quick and easy…meals that everyone liked and yet would not compromise most special diets. You can! All you need to do is use recipes that have few ingredients, little preparation to those ingredients, but have results that are full of flavour AND can also be low in calories, have a low GI, low carbs, no salt, no sugar, or whatever the food enemy happens to be.

     All the above is not difficult if you use a blend from Bittersweet. For predictable, full-proof, full-flavoured mealtimes Bittersweet has the answers. We have savoury as well as spicy flavours; something for every mood and taste. And you can take all the credit.