Rice Bubble Chicken

Rice Bubble Chicken   Serves 4
This is an easy main and can be used for fish fillets as well. The chicken is good in sandwiches too.
​2 cups (50g) rice bubbles
good 1/2 tablespoon Bittersweet Tandoori Twist Blend
2 tablespoons (approx 30g) canola oil or 40g melted butter (or butter spread)
800g boneless, skinless chicken
   Deal to rice bubbles by putting them into a plastic bag and rolling with a rolling pin or similar until nicely crushed.  In a shallow dish mix the crushed bubbles with the Tandoori Twist Blend. Melt the butter, if using, and place it or the oil into another shallow dish. Cut the chicken into equal "chicken tenders"; 800g should make about 12 strips (four each).
   Cover each chicken piece with butter, then dip and roll completely in the seasoned bubbles. Place on a baking sheet and rest for 15 minutes while your 190 oven is heating. If there is some crumb mixture leftover sprinkle it on top and press into pieces. Bake 30 to 35 minutes. Adjust time for fish.