Summer Soup with Dill

Summer Soup with Dill approx 6 servings

The beauty of this soup is the great number of variations. Adjust anything from the quantities to the seasoning to suit your own taste. Substitute any kind of fish (even cray) for the shrimp. Make it early in the day and let sit in refrigerator to let flavours marry.  These quantities will serve six as a starter.
1 cup stock (homemade, cube or packaged)
250g plain yoghurt
125g runny cream
1 litre tomato juice
1 large cucumber peeled and diced
1 tablespoon Bittersweet Dilly Dill
1 good teaspoon Bittersweet Zesty Garlic or 1 clove crushed fresh garlic
you can also add a good pinch of Bittersweet Cajun for a bit of spice (optional)
approx 400g Shrimp - be generous have a handful per serving
lemon juice
chives, chopped

Have stock cool, so if you are using a cube dissolve it in hot water and cool. Mix stock, yoghurt, cream, juice, cucumber and seasonings in a large bowl. Cover bowl and refrigerate at least 3 hours (all day is better). Defrost shrimp if necessary and pat dry. Use whole shrimp or rough chop.Toss with lemon juice. Chill. Fill each serving bowl with soup, place shrimp on top and garnish with chopped chives.