Bittersweet Cooklets - Many Choices

Bittersweet Cooklets - Many Choices

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Cooklet No. 1
cooklet_1_1.jpgRecipes: All in One Chicken Dinner, Antipasto Platter, Basic Vinaigrette, Best Bean Salad, Bread making, Cabbage Stir Fry, Chili and Cheese Appetiser Tart, Cholesterol Free Potatoes, Creamy Salad Dressings, Crock Pot Corned Beef with Mulled Juice, Dill /Tuna/Avocado Spread, Easy Chicken Paprika, Easy Italian Pasta Sauce, Fluffy Oven Roasted Potatoes, Grilled for a Party, Gringo chops or Fish, Herb Butter, Herb Oil, Just the Best Mashed Potatoes, Meat Loaf with Yoghurt, More-Ish Bread sticks, Mulled Apple Cider Syrup, Mulled Wine Peaches, Oriental Green Beans, Paste for Chicken or Fish, Roasted Red Pepper Pesto, Savoury Chicken Breasts Diane, Sloppy Joe's Sammies, Spicy Potato Wedges, Spicy Soy Sauce, Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce, Tuna Pate

Cooklet No. 2
cooklet_2_1_1.jpgRecipes: Almost Instant Courgette and Onion Soup, Apricot Cream, Asparagus Drizzle, Asparagus Roasted, Avocado Dip, Basic Baked Pasta, Bean Salsa, Blue Cheese Burgers, Bread-Herb with Cheese, Broccoli Cream Soup, Broccoli Mushroom Toss, Broccoli Roasted, Cabbage Salad, Chicken Drizzle, Chicken Curry, Chicken-Nut Crumbed, Chicken Seasoned with Oil, Courgettes in Peanut Sauce Pasta, Courgettes Roasted, Cranberry Tea Bread, Eggplant Roasted, Ham and Cheese Sammies (Firesides), Lasagna, Mulled Raisin Sauce, Noodle Muffins, Nut Crumbed Fish, Onions Roasted, Peppers Roasted, Potato Frittata, Potted Cheese Spread, Rancho Beef, Salmon Burgers, Simple Cream Sauce for Pasta, Warm Potato Salad

Cooklet No. 3
Cooklet_3_1_1.jpgRecipes: Avocado Bacon Dip, Bean Dip, Blue Cheese Brownies, Blue Cheese Spread on Cucumber Rounds, Feta/Sour Cream Dip, Garlic Ginger Butter, Ham Cubes Glazed, Hummus Bittersweet Style, Lentil Smoothie, Mushroom Dip, Mushrooms Marinated, Palmiers, Peanuts Spiced, Ricotta Baked and Peppered, Puff Bowl, Salami Rolls, Savoury Cream, Tapenade Green Olive and Almond, Tapenade Traditional, Tofu Pate

Amazing Mulling Spice Cooklet
Mull_Cooklet_1_1.jpgRecipes: Drinks: Mulled Juice, Mulled Juice in Microwave, Hot Mulled Red Wine, Chilled Spiced White Wine, Spiced Tea, Serendipitea, Tall Cold and Refreshing, Cranberry Tea, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Hot Buttered Rum
Vegetables: Pickled Peppers, Carrot and Kumara Bake, German Red Cabbage
Marinades, Sauces and Syrups: Marinade for Chicken or Beef, Mulled Raisin Sauce, Epicurean Pancake Syrup, Simple Syrup, Garlic and Onion Stock, Spiced Vinegar
Mains: Soy Chicken, Lemon Chicken Tenders, Poached Whole Chicken and Chicken Stock, Chicken Stir Fry, Glazed Chops, Crock Pot Corned Beef or Pickled Pork, Pan Fried Pork (or chicken lamb or beef) with Spiced Apple Juice
Deserts: Fruit Compote, Apricot Cream, Dried Fruit Sponge in Microwave, Date Apricot and Oat Bar, Upside Down Date Pudding, Easiest Fruit Cake, Apricot Coconut Loaf, Fruity Tea Loaf, Fruit Cobbler, Honey Spiced Peaches, Bran Muffins